Jennifer CarlsonThe JPCarlson Consulting firm was inevitable. It was formed in 2007 when Jennifer P. Carlson realized something important about herself.

After nearly 18 years in corporate human resources/organizational development management, Jennifer had collected an impressive list of position titles for her resume. For the curious, some of those were Director of Training, HR Business Partner, and Vice President of HR Business. She held these positions at impressive organizations like the Walt Disney Company and ACC Capital Holdings. She worked hard to earn those titles by delivering consistently impressive work. However, while all this impressiveness was going on, Jenniferís broad breadth of career experience also led to an important realization.

No matter where she went or which title she held, every job had one thing in common. There were areas where she could really make an impact, where she could do her most brilliant work and truly add value to the organization. And then there was all the other stuff that also had to get done. Jennifer wondered what it would be like if most or all of her time and energy were dedicated to those high-impact areas; like coaching, creating and developing people, programs and teams through design, education and facilitated exploration. And thatís when the realization hit her.

No, not that she should form her own consulting firm and specialize in providing clients with her most brilliant areas of work. That happened as a result of her realization. Her realization, however, was threefold:

  1. In my career to date, I have worked hard and earned some impressive titles
  2. Holding an impressive title may be impressive but may not always be rewarding
  3. For me, itís more rewarding to do the work you love ó work that youíre passionate about ó and to do it brilliantly

Now you can connect the dots to the forming of JPC, and you know a little bit more about Jennifer as a result. Want a little more?

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