Cool Stuff We've Done

Pretend you’re me. You’re now in charge of running JPC. Here are some actual requests from clients who need your help solving a problem or delivering a desired business outcome. What would you do with these scenarios?

Employee Effectiveness Employee Effectiveness Employee Effectiveness Employee Effectiveness

Client Challenge: This client needs your help finding ways to jump start the effectiveness of new-hires.
Solution: We began by designing a common tool that managers, mentors and new-hires would use to assimilate company culture, norms, values, and to help new-hires quickly reach performance levels that previously took three to four months. While this certainly added value to the company, its “cool factor” went up considerably with the addition of a component designed to add value in the new employee’s perception, making this a tool they wanted to use, instead of just another new-hire requirement. This included, for example, strategies for using their ramp-up period to build strong reputations in the company. The additional WIIFM element worked. Usage went up, results improved, and it was really cool in the newbie’s eyes. Presto! Double bang for your single buck.