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Pretend you’re me. You’re now in charge of running JPC. Here are some actual requests from clients who need your help solving a problem or delivering a desired business outcome. What would you do with these scenarios?

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Client Challenge: This client has over 1,700 independent locations throughout the country. Each is run by a leader who is over-taxed with responsibility for every aspect of the business. Instead of doing ten things brilliantly, their frenzied days are spent pumping out hundreds of things to the best of their stretched abilities. Something’s got to give!
Solution: We had a number of problems to solve here, not the least of which were fixing the unrealistic division of tasks, spreading that workload more judiciously, and building in clear lines of accountability. Moreover, there was a fundamental problem with the old model in that to be successful, leaders were required to have proficiency in an unrealistic span of competencies. Practically impossible for any mere mortal to accomplish, they tended to specialize in certain job components based on their strengths and preferences. This contributed to operational inconsistencies, inefficiencies and a performance gap that frequently produced significant burnout in even the strongest leaders.

We began by analyzing a comprehensive map of every task required to run a location. Working with leaders and staff, we grouped like functions together, crafted two new positions and redesigned the leadership role. The three new and improved positions each had specific focuses (fiscal/operational excellence, customer relationships development, bringing in new business, etc.), and tasks were assigned according to which focus they supported. This provided the clear lines of accountability we were looking for. We designed a pilot program and compared their performance using key success metrics to the status quo.

The new specificity of each role allowed us to place existing pilot staff in positions to which they were best suited. Ultimately this resulted in a broader test of the job roles and structure. The model was assessed against key satisfaction, quality, regulatory and financial standards for overall effectiveness.