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Pretend you’re me. You’re now in charge of running JPC. Here are some actual requests from clients who need your help solving a problem or delivering a desired business outcome. What would you do with these scenarios?

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Client Challenge: As an innovative means of retaining their best talent, this client would like to explore alternative work schedules.
Solution: First and foremost, we created a plan with several alternative work options that fit within the corporate structure of this client. However, in the early stages of our research we learned two things of importance to retention. First, they already offered a really cool benefits package (which now included alternative work options). Second, there seemed to be low employee awareness of how cool their benefits package was.

So with the client’s approval, we developed a retention toolkit that emphasized all work-life benefits. It included all traditional benefits information, but also collected into one resource all sorts of special perks, the information for which had previously been scattered throughout the company intranet. It was like hunting for treasure—something that most employees don’t have time to do. We developed a single resource for information on things like child care offerings and locations, introduction to career path options (broadening the perspective from “up and out” to “over and across”), daily reward and recognition tips, and of course, alternative work schedule options.